The Web3 Project

Become a founder of the new era!

Become a founder of
the new era!

Everything we do is built on community empowerment. The next generation of the web is shifting power from big tech companies to individual users. Capture value, be an early adopter and own $TWEP!


Discover blockchain investments

WeLaunch is the ultimate multichain DeFi launchpad. Create or invest early in promising WEB3 projects! Secure and profitable for everyone! Build communities and earn together! Bring people in and take rewards via your endorsement link.


An intuitive all in one platform

Whistle is a beautifully crafted super-app, open to everyone, with great opportunities and experiences. Simple to use, user-centered design, integrated with the TWEP ecosystem.

Own and monetize your activity as you choose!

NFT marketplace

New worlds filled
with possibilities

Create and own exclusive NFT collections that uniquely interact with the TWEP ecosystem, with bonus features like reduced sell tax.

Trade it on our Marketplace or put it up for rent and earn passive income from your digital asset's value.

And at the core of the TWEP Ecosystem

Stake and Earn
Staking Pool fills with 3% of all taxes and 30% of utility revenue and distributes it to stakers every month.

TWEP Token


Buy Tax: 3%


Sell Tax: 6%

$TWEP Staking Program

50% of TWEP sell taxes go into the pool and 30% of the TWEP utilities (all revenue made by WeLaunch, Upfinity League, Whistle & upcoming). Rewards distribution every month.



earned of the entire pool



earned of the entire pool



earned of the entire pool

Presale & Airdrop

Presale End on

Listing CEX at February 15, 2023.

Address Contract 0x0726a70fbb7e7b10A10F8bEa4aB86e6C18EF1E15

Claim 4,000 TWEP


Min Buy 0.01 BNB = 10,000 TWEP

Max Buy 5 BNB = 5,000,000 TWEP

BUYGet Ref Link Copy


Community focused on building wealth

Be part of the TWEP community harnessing the power of the new web to create extraordinary value!

⬩ Stake TWEP and earn Points
⬩ Spend Points in community events and NFTs
⬩ Join the exclusive Oshies Club
⬩ Enjoy a super powerful ai bot integrated right on telegram with Webby

Join us! Get ahead in the new web3 world!

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Invest in the future with TWEP!

Be part of the project! Create new and extraordinary value with the next generation of the web!

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